The Best Type Of Massages For Migraine in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The Best Type Of Massages For Migraine in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Migraines are more than common headaches that significantly affect our health and have negative effects on our quality of life. Its typical symptoms include severe pain, nausea, and blurred vision. There are various treatments for it, but Massage therapy is the best recommendation as it is natural, non-invasive, and proven to be highly effective. 

Massage therapy helps lessen migraine symptoms by reducing muscle tension, improving blood circulation in the body, and bringing relief to the patient. Regular massages alleviate stress and muscle tightness, which are the common migraine triggers, potentially decreasing how often and how intense migraines are. The sedative nature of massage helps tackle anxiety and stress that is often linked with chronic pains.

There are multiple types of migraines, and so are the types of massages. Diagnosing the type of migraine is essential for determining the best therapy to apply. The following are among the most common massage therapies for migraine:

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Dubai and Abu Dhabi

This style of massage targets deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues to release chronic tension and pain that contributes to migraines. This massage technique is highly effective but is technical.

Sport Massage

Sports Massage Dubai and Abu Dhabi

This Sport massage therapy focuses on locating and relieving trigger points, which are the tight areas within the muscle that cause pain in the rest of the body. Releasing these points can aid in reducing migraine pain.

Craniosacral Therapy

This massage aims to ease tension in the tissues around the central nervous system to abate the severity of migraines by the use of gentle and non-invasive light touches on the skull, face, spine, and pelvis. 

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology Massage Dubai and Abu Dhabi

This involves applying pressure on certain locations on the feet, hands, and ears that are linked to different organs in the body. It can help in healing the visual abnormalities caused by migraine.

The Best Type Of Massages For Migraine in Dubai


What are the important messages for migraine?

There are different types of massages for migraine depending on the type of migraine you have, but the most important ones are Deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, reflexology, and Craniosacral therapy.

Can migraine be reduced by massages?

Yes, Massage therapies have proven to be an effective remedy for the migraine.

Can we avail of these massages at home

Yes, you can avail yourself of these massages by Zen at home.

Is there anything I should know before obtaining a migraine massage?

Yes, you should tell the massage therapist about your migraine history and any specific triggers you have. Stay hydrated before and after your massage, and avoid deep tissue treatment if you are already experiencing a migraine, as it may aggravate the discomfort.

Is it possible to mix massage therapy with other migraine treatments?

Yes. In addition to medicine, acupuncture, and lifestyle modifications, massage therapy has been shown to be an effective treatment for migraines. Before combining therapies, it’s critical to talk with your healthcare professional to be sure they are suitable for your situation.

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