About Us

After a hard day, you need to go to the spa! But in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where life is very busy, that peaceful moment can feel like a faraway dream. That’s where Zen at Home comes in to make your dream come true.

Your desire to relax becomes a reality with Zen at home. We’re not just a spa. We bring the spa experience to you, creating peaceful times where every breath feels like a sigh of relief. We can do any kind of massage for you in the comfort of your own home, whether you want an aromatherapy massage to feel better, a deep tissue massage to get rid of stress, or a couples massage to spend time together.

Our lymphatic drainage massage and maderotherapy are both ways that Zen at Home can help you get rid of toxins and feel better naturally. Our Relax Massage changes what it means to be calm, one stroke at a time, while our Reflexology Massage looks at your health as a whole.

Our original Thai massage in Dubai will take you away to Thailand, or you can try our sports massage to feel refreshed. Our slimming massage in Dubai will help you look and feel great, and our pregnancy and postnatal massages will make sure that every stage of motherhood is special and relaxing.

Our Swedish massage is a classic treat, and our hot oil massage is a physical pleasure. They can both be done right at your door. Our four-hands massage will make all of your senses work together better, and our cupping massage will give you more energy.

The trip continues with a hot stone massage that melts away your stress and a full-body scrub that brings out your skin’s natural glow. Our ear candling treatment will help you feel balanced and clear again, and our head massage in Dubai will help you relax.

Get rid of the stress of making spa dates and getting there. The spa comes to you when you book with us, making your home a place of peace and wellness.

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Deep Tissue Massage

The Deep Tissue Massage is a therapeutic treatment meant to relieve stress and muscle tightness.

Swedish Massage

With Zen At Home’s Swedish Massage, you may unwind completely.

Sports Massage

Sports massages are created especially for sportsmen and those who lead active lifestyles.

Thai Massage

The Traditional Thai Massage is well known for its capacity to increase flexibility and vigor and is steeped in ancient traditions.

Relaxation Massage

The Relaxation Massage is a skillfully designed experience that incorporates a number of techniques to bring about a deep level of relaxation.

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology Massage is a holistic treatment that emphasizes activating the reflex points on the feet that connect to various body components.

Slimming Massage

The Slimming Massage concentrates on body contouring by combining methods that aid with cellulite and fat reduction.

Lymphatic Massage

The goals of the Lymphatic Massage are to promote cleansing, reduce edema, and stimulate the lymphatic system.


Targeting cellulite and enhancing skin texture are the primary objectives of the Maderotherapy Anti-Cellulite Massage.

4 Hands Massage

Give in to happiness with our 4 Hands Massage.

Hot Oil Massage

Utilize our Hot Oil Massage to awaken your senses.

Body Scrub

Use our Body Scrub to bring back the natural radiance of your skin.

Head Massage

Improve your health with one of our Head Massage. Feel the power of expert hands as they reduce stress and invigorate your thoughts.

Hot Stone and Relax

Take a seat on our Hot Stone and Relax. Allow heated stones to absorb your worries and transport you to a comfortable, deeply relaxed state.

Cupping and Relax

Incorporate traditional knowledge with contemporary ease with our Cupping and Relax therapy.

Zen Signature

Experience the pinnacle of indulgence with our Signature Massage.

Ear Candling

Treat yourself to a soothing session of ear candling. Let the soft heat surround you, fostering calmness and inner serenity in a calming encounter.

Couples Massage

In a peaceful setting, you and your spouse will each receive a massage at the same time during a couples massage, which is a shared experience of relaxation and connection.