Best Prenatal Home Massage Positions For Moms Living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Best Prenatal Home Massage Positions For Moms Living in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Expecting moms deserve the best care, and Zen at Home, the best home massage service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, makes sure that their customers have a safe and relaxing prenatal massage

Here are some of the most effective positions to get a massage while you’re pregnant.

Position for side lying

It’s normal for pregnant women to lie on their sides. The mother sleeps on her side in this position, with a lot of support and padding. By putting a pregnancy pillow between the knees and using a wedge or body pillow to support the belly, this pose takes the pressure off the lower back and helps blood flow. 

The massage professionals at Zen at Home can easily work on the back, hips, and shoulders, making sure that the session is both relaxing and helpful. We also can heal your body with our sports massage.

Position of the Pregnancy Table

There are massage tables that are carefully made to fit a pregnant woman’s growing belly. These tables have holes in them or pieces that can be moved around to support the breasts and body while the mother lies face down.  At Zen at Home, we make sure that our tables are made to be used during pregnancy, putting the safety and comfort of both mum and baby first. You can get Pre and Postnatal from us, and that will be a different experience for you.

Position for semi-reclining

The semi-reclining position is a great option for moms who find it uncomfortable to lie on their sides for long amounts of time. The mother is partly standing up in this position, with the help of a massage table or chair that can be leaned back. This pose is great for supporting the neck and upper body and lowering pressure on the lower back. It also lets the therapist work on the shoulders, neck, and head, which are typical stress points during pregnancy. 

Pre and Post Natal Massage In Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Position of Seated

For shorter massages or moms who’d rather stay standing, the seated position is best. This pose is mostly for the upper body, like the back, shoulders, arms, and neck. Zen at Home massage experts use methods like kneading, compression, and stretching to ease pain and stress. With this setting, the mother can get a relaxing massage while staying standing.

Zen at Home is dedicated to offering exceptional prenatal massage services so that pregnant women in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can get the best care and relaxation in the privacy of their own homes. We also offer other home massage services as well from Deep Tissue Massage to Zen Signature massage


How should I lie down for a pregnancy massage?

A lot of people say that sleeping on your side is the best way to keep both you and your baby safe and comfortable. It makes it possible to rub the back, hips, and shoulders well.

Can I get a massage for my whole body while I’m pregnant?

It is possible to get a full-body massage if you have the right tools, like a pregnant massage table. There are holes in these tables for the growing belly.

Is Getting a massage during the first three months of pregnancy safe?

If you are pregnant, you should talk to your doctor or contact Zen at Home before getting a massage in the first trimester. After this point, most pregnancy massages are safe and helpful.

What should I expect from a pregnancy massage at home?

Zen at Home gives you a customized massage experience. For that, we bring all the tools you need to your home. The session works on areas that are likely to feel tight and uncomfortable during pregnancy.

Do I need anything special to give myself a pregnancy massage at home?

No, Zen at Home brings everything they need, like baby pillows and special tables, to make sure you have a safe and comfortable massage.